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Cast Your Vote for the Best Wi-Fi Login Method

Happy Election Day! Americans: we urge you to make sure you make your voice is heard: find your closest polling place here.

How to Bring Your Wi-Fi Back to Life

This Halloween, be sure to offer more Wi-Fi treats than tricks. Hotel brands work tirelessly to deliver 5-star experiences across all their properties. When guests expectations match what is provided, they are more likely to come back again and again. Wi-Fi is no exception. Guests want to stay seamlessly connected across all their devices. However, this can be tricky when your Wi-Fi network is...

Automatic Wi-Fi Authentication, Explained

There are two primary ways to address guest demand for seamless, automatic connection to hotel Wi-Fi: Mac re-authentication and Passpoint. In this post we will explain how the technology works and the benefits and challenges of each.

Top 5 Guest Wi-Fi Concerns

Do your TripAdvisor reviews include complaints about your Wi-Fi? Ever wonder why? We’ve outlined the top 5 concerns guests have about Wi-Fi when they are planning a hotel stay. The more you tailor the Wi-Fi experience at your property to avoid these concerns – the happier and more loyal your guests will be!

8 Ways to Take it to Eleven at HITEC 2016

Myth-busters: Hotel Wi-Fi Edition [INFOGRAPHIC]

Myth-buster: Hotel Wi-Fi Edition Part III

 In Part I and Part II of our Myth-busters Blog Series, we debunked the myths that Wi-Fi is all about bandwidth, that it should be managed on-property, and that it’s an IT function, not a business asset. In Part III we’ll wrap it up with 2 more hotel Wi-Fi myths.

Myth-busters: Hotel Wi-Fi Edition Part II

In Part I of our Myth-busters Blog Series, we debunked the myth that Wi-Fi is all about bandwidth and speed. In Part II we’ll cover 2 more hotel Wi-Fi myths.

Myth-busters: Hotel Wi-Fi Edition Part I

By now we’re all well-aware that Wi-Fi is is a must-have...However, there are opposing forces at work making it increasingly difficult for hotels to deliver a high-performance guest Internet experience. Guests use an average of 2GB of data per month on their  2.9 devices (Skift). The average cost of a network  installation is $300,000 and $5,000 per month for 500MB of data at a 500-room hotel (

Eleven's Most Loved Content of 2015

It was an exciting year for hospitality technology. Free Wi-Fi is more in demand than ever, robot butlers continue to make headlines, and mobile room keys are catching on. In an effort to curate the most relevant and interesting stuff, we rolled out 180 Tweets, 130 Facebook posts, 127 LinkedIn updates, 18 blog posts, 12 videos, 8 webinars, 6 infographics, and 2 in-depth white papers....

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