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Coming Soon to Your Hotel: The Digital Elite [INFOGRAPHIC]

The “digital elite” encompasses travelers of all ages who are technologically savvy and operate on multiple devices. Technology isn’t just for millennials anymore; 7 in 10 of the “digital elite” are between 18 and 49 years old. Learn all you need to know about this growing population so you are prepared when they come knocking on your door.

Mobile Revolution and the Millennial Traveler

As hoteliers, you can no longer turn a blind eye to the mobile revolution. The time to adapt is now, and the millennial traveler will no longer be forgiving of Wi-Fi and mobile phone inadequacies.

Optimize & Monetize Your Guest Internet: PART I - Top Tech Trends You Can’t Ignore

In order to make recommendations for optimizing and monetizing your guest network, we first must identify the top top tech trends that are affecting guest Internet:

Guests Demand Tiered Wi-Fi

In the recent article, Tiered Wi-Fi Emerges as New Industry Model, HotelNewsNow.com contributor, John Buchanan, reports that complimentary Wi-Fi is becoming ubiquitous with limited and select-service hotels, while more full-service properties offer tiered bandwidth plans.

BETTER WI-FI Part 3: Preparing Your Hotel for Passpoint

Preparing your property for Passpoint will take preparation and resources, but we believe it is well worth it because guests will have richer and more personalized online experiences at your property.

BETTER WI-FI Part 2: Seamless Authentication via Passpoint

5 New Digital Demands You Should Know

The availability of digital devices and applications has more than doubled in recent years. We are more connected than ever with greater demand for richer, more personalized experiences and faster access to information.

Personalizing the Guest Experience to Win Loyalty

From having your favorite coffee brand in your room to telling the hotel staff exactly what type of pillow you would like upon arrival, hotels are stepping up their personalization game. Millennials get a lot of credit for demanding personalized serviced, but we think the most credit should go to technology.

Attracting Millennial Travelers

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Technology Forecast for 2014

In IDC’s (International Data Corporation) recent press release and as covered by Forbes.com, the IDC predicts next year will be a year of transition into IT’s “3rd Platform”, the emerging mobile computing movement, including cloud services, data analysis, and social networking. Effects on the hospitality industry have the potential to be transformative; we’ve summarized and evaluated how these...

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