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7 Top Business Travel Trends

In the recent Choice Hotels International “Road Warrior Survey” conducted by research company, Newlio, over 500 US business travelers who took trips between March 2013 and February 2014 were surveyed to reveal several interesting trends:

3 Tips for Increasing Guest Loyalty with Digital & Mobile Services

There’s no quick answer when solving the loyalty equation, but with business travelers today carrying an average of 2.68 devices, digital and mobile services certainly need to be part of the mix. Guests are increasingly turning to mobile to get more value out of their travel experiences, from booking hotels online to checking social media reviews.

Personalizing the Guest Experience to Win Loyalty

From having your favorite coffee brand in your room to telling the hotel staff exactly what type of pillow you would like upon arrival, hotels are stepping up their personalization game. Millennials get a lot of credit for demanding personalized serviced, but we think the most credit should go to technology.

Top 6 Hospitality Tech Trends for 2014

Although we’ve been covering technology trends a lot lately, this recent poll, conducted by SmartBrief.com (sponsored by The Wall Street Journal), explores how guests’ demands are changing with the technological environment—not just what the tech industry is projecting. The results below are those we found the most relevant to the hospitality industry today.

Preparing for The Modern Guest

A recent report from Hudson Crossing gives us a detailed look into how the online leisure travel market is changing as we prepare to head into 2014. Here’s a summary of their findings:

11 Stats We Think You Should Know

In Smith Micro’s second Annual Hospitality Survey they site increased adoption and use of tablets while traveling. Below are the highlights from the survey:

3 Hotels Successfully Embracing Technology

Hotels are delivering more amenities than ever before—Tempur-Pedic beds, wellness programs, and custom toiletries are just a few. But with the myriad technology-based amenities that are available now, there are a select few that provide services that actually enhance the guests’ experience. Eleven commends these 3 hotel clients that have made sensible and basic technology enhancements that we...

8 Technology Trends to Last

The recently published Lodging Technology Study by Hospitality Technology reveals trends and future development in the industry spurted by the increasing amount of Wi-Fi-enabled guest devices. These 8 trends summarize the findings from the study.

Multi-Screen Marketing in Hospitality

According to a recent Hotel News Now article, tech-savvy folks do more traveling and hoteliers that connect with them on their mobile devices will reap rewards. The mobile channel is increasingly convenient for marketers; the challenge is keeping consistency across all devices throughout their experience including inspiration, research, validation, booking, confirmation, travel planning, and...

THE COMMODITIZATION OF WI-FI | Part II: Fighting Back with New Technology

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