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Lose Loyalty Over Lacking Wi-Fi

To assume that travelers will settle for a lousy connection or no connection at all is a monumental mistake. Honeywell recently put out a report that looked at U.S. travelers and their need for connectivity speed for in-flight Wi-Fi. If this is how desperate travelers are when they fly, just imagine what they want by the time they reach the hotel!

Optimize & Monetize Guest Internet: PART II - Optimization

In PART I of this series, we explored the top tech trends that are affecting guest Internet.

Optimize & Monetize Your Guest Internet: PART I - Top Tech Trends You Can’t Ignore

In order to make recommendations for optimizing and monetizing your guest network, we first must identify the top top tech trends that are affecting guest Internet:

7 Top Business Travel Trends

In the recent Choice Hotels International “Road Warrior Survey” conducted by research company, Newlio, over 500 US business travelers who took trips between March 2013 and February 2014 were surveyed to reveal several interesting trends:

11 Travel Trends to Know

In a recent Benchmark Hospitality study they announce 10 top trends in among the travel industry. The study used their database of professional travel agents, who surveyed over 20,000 domestic and international travel professionals on leisure and business travel in 2014.

5 Essential Tech Innovations for Travel

A recent Tnooz article identifies 5 basic - yet big - trends that are changing the travel technology industry (not to mention many other industries too). Below are the highlights:

6 Ways to Win with Meeting Planners

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Attracting Millennial Travelers

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6 Guest & Hotel Driven Trends

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7 Tips & Trends for Better Business Intelligence

In a recent Hospitality Trends article they share top data analytics trends, challenges, and opportunities in the travel industry. We’ve summarized how you can amplify your business with analytics below.

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